Santa on the Sand Photo weekend

We are planning Santa on the Beach Photos

November 30 and December 1

$25 per photo (emailed)
Friday 5pm-7pm and Saturday 9am-11am. Visit to book your timeslot or contact us on


  1. Hi guys,

    We had Santa photos taken Saturday
    (non members) 1/12/2018
    Time: 12.30
    Paid in cash : lady who had just had her surf accident

    Could the surf Christmas elf’s please give me an update, As we are excited to receive them to send to relatives over seas with the super cool beach Santa.

    We can email you a photo of us to assist the search if required,

    Merry Christmas
    Mark Mobile: 0410358455
    Tiffs email:

    Kind regards
    Tiff and mark
    Coogee beach nsw

    1. I can see you on the list. The time threw me as I have your photos as at 10:30. I’ve been working through the photos as work permits. I want to get them completed today

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