Nippers Water Skills Assessment and Proficiency

It is a pre-requisite for all nippers  to have an ability to swim, and complete a  Surf Life Saving Water Skills Assessment as part of their membership process.

This is done at the start of each new season at Bomaderry Aquatic Centre or Shoalhaven Heads Village pool. Our JAC team assess and guide each child from the U6s-u14 and and enable them  build  confidence in the water. It is used by each  club to gauge what level of water skills each child has and to adjust our water safety ratios to accommodate the skill levels in our age groups.

We aren’t a  “learn to swim”  programme but over time the  activities do help enhance each child’s confidence and skills in the water to reach the level for their age group. They  can also still be involved in beach-side activities as they build their skills

Each age group category  listed on the   Nippers  Water Evaluation and Surf Education Award tab page is associated with the SLSA Surf Aware Education program which is designed to give children, and also parents, an understanding of beach rescues, resuscitation and carnival events, along with preparation for senior level membership so they can grow in to be future life savers! We  run cross group combined activities and allow for different levels of skills and confidence.

Nippers can also compete for our club in Inter Club Surf Sports Carnivals and  will  need to complete an ocean swim assessment