Patrols 2023/24

Flags go up and Patrols commence Sunday 24 Sept 2023 Club Captains have drafted the preliminary season roster which will update according to operational needs and as new members join teams after training . Please contact your patrol captain immediately if there are any changes due to your availability from last season. Please renew your registrations ASAP through your members area log in at

You are required to maintain proficiency to patrol and will receive regular notifications through Surfguard and from club captains and trainers regarding date and course compliancy.

If you can’t do your weekly patrol at any time during the season it is your responsibility to arrange a swap and inform your patrol captain well in advance. It lets the whole team down if you don’t turn up or arrange a sub . Use club messaging on Instagram chat or Facebook or contact your captain direct.

Patrol 1 Karl

Patrol 2 Madi

Patrol 3 Dan

Patrol 4 Mark