Shoalhaven Heads Surf Club regularly runs courses for new and existing members

Bronze Medallion


Surf Rescue Certificate

Other add on qualifications post Bronze including Advanced Resuscitation Training Cert, IRB Driver/Crew,Radio Operator, Silver Medallion,Gold Medallion

The Bronze medallion and Surf Rescue Certificate are the basic entry awards for new patrol members on the beach.

The Bronze/SRC course takes place over a minimum of 6 sessions usually on Sunday mornings.The training is a mix of practical skills, face to education and online based modules

The SRC leaves out some of the Bronze material and has a shorter Run-Swim-Run assessment. The SRC is a short form course usually completed by final year Nippers and junior cadets  under 15 or parent volunteers doing water safety for Junior Activities. SRC holders become part of our patrol teams but usually can’t get further awards until they complete the Bronze.

If you have an existing current qualification in a similar area check  with our trainers if prior knowledge credits may be applicable when you join us.

This is a breakdown of the Awards and Qualifications you can attain within Surf life Saving. See our trainer for further options, eligibility and fees (if applicable)

Surf Life Saving Awards

For information – contact Karl