Sunday Feb 10th @ 9am Surf Club Take 3 for the Sea beach clean up

Nippers on Sunday 10th February will include a Take 3 for the Sea beach clean up.

Everyone in the club is encouraged to join in so come along at 9am to collect a few pieces of litter off our beach.

Learn a little bit about how we can help to protect our beach, ocean and river from plastics and other waste from Alannah one of our club cadets and a Take 3 Junior Ambassador


INFO for Sunday 10th February 2019

It is a normal Nippers session but a beach clean up will be run instead of Nippers beach sports session.Nippers water activiites will resume after the clean up at approx. 10.15

It will involve all club members Nippers, age managers, parents, cadets, patrol and committee members. Parents we need you to participate along side the children to help with supervision.

NB We have protective gloves but please bring your own if you have some

9.00 am Nippers all muster as usual in the club house hall for Nipper sign-on  plus a Take 3 for the Sea presentation and safety briefing for all Nippers, parents and other members

9.20 am     We all head down to the beach to do a clean up sweep as a group

10.15 am   At the end of the session all the rubbish we have collected will be tipped onto a tarp, sorted and counted. We will then send off the data to the Australian Marine Debris database and used for research and environmental planning. We will then dispose of it responsibly through the local waste and recycling bins and centres

10.20 am approx Nippers water activities resume

An email about this  has been sent to all club members

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