Step 1

Register on the SLSA Lifesaving Online website You will need to know the email address that is currently registered for you on SurfGuard. If you are not sure of this, contact the club registrar. Go to and register.Once registered click on  “My memberships” and then on the renew link. From there fill out the registration form. If you have difficulties registering contact the club registrar. Remember to bookmark this page so you can get back to it. Note you can also still fill out the form at the club house.

Step 2

Fill in the working with children form You will still have to fill out a working with children declaration and a code of conduct form. Click on the links and print them, fill them in and then either email them to the club or drop them at the office.

Step 3

Membership Fees Active: $40 Student (Active): $30 Family: $160 Associate: $50 Nipper: $50

Pay your membership Fees online You can still pay at the club house on a Sunday should you want to pay the old-fashioned way. Alternatively, follow these steps to pay online by credit card:

1) Visit the Payment Gateway.

2) Choose Membership Fee from the Transaction menu.

3) Enter Shoalhaven Heads as the Club or Service.

4) Enter your name and a description of what you’re paying for Family Membership Fee for instance. (<— this is very important for receipting your payment

5) Enter the amount.

6) Enter your name, contact details and an email address and click the Submit button.

7) Enter your credit card details.

8) When you receive the receipt by email – forward this to the registrar so that we can update your membership details on SurfGuard.